My progress in defining literacy has been a lot. I have learned it all my life in all my school years and the different types of learning I have gotten throughout my school years. As a bilingual student and a member in an immigrant community I have seen how the education system has failed to educate us in the importance of literacy . In school, growing up as a bilingual student, we were taught that progression in english was to be treated like any other academic. This perception of literacy , they implied , portrayed its impact, in my experience as non-existent. Never underlining that such knowledge connects with the real world, providing essential skills for one to have an opportunity for a better life. In contrast to a community of immigrants they push their bilingual children to master this circuluim , to have more options when it comes to jobs. As such I will be explaining how both different views in literature have shaped the way I view the world. Also as a bilingual student It has been a challenge for me because my first language was spanish because my both parents only speak it at home. So I learned it throughout my school years. The challenging part was to learn to speak spanish and english well. And somewhat confusing for me to learn because it is really different.

How i view Literacy

When I was young my siblings and I were told that we had the opportunities needed for a better future. With hard work and commitment, such possibilities could be achieved. Although they were very vague with the actions to pursue this goal. Such repeated phrases made me work hard in my academics, to gain high grades, however I never saw the importance of it practice in my life. Through many years of this I had discovered how challenging it was for me to progress in Literacy. I essentially struggle with every major thing that involves an essay, organization, grammar, puntiocution, topic centered, etc. Being constantly reminded to read over my essay to check over these inputs made me think it was the only factor in the equation of my poor literacy. However, not until I attended high school was I told that the main reason for my lack of passion and poor literacy skills. My Ap Spanish teacher had come to a conclusion that I wasn’t supported through the literacy of both languages, hence why I mix both english and spanish literacy rules into one. Such discovery of what was stopping me from progressing in literacy had created this disappointment, lack of motivation,and unimportance towards the curriculum. The lack of support and importance towards literacy can be seen sadly throughout different bilingual students. In the article “ The unknown struggle of a Bilingual student‘, Patirce Sanchez, a lantix teacher, daughter of dominica parents, states how her school education system failed to provide any support in helping her learn English. She describes how the system isn’t oriented for bilingual students.As she was left to self teach literacy to herschel while juggling a different language.

Patrice Sanches States “ They gave me the mantra, “the more you write, the better you will be in reading and writing.” Once again I found myself being my own guide in my education“ (Paragraph Five )

Although Ptrice Sanchez kept on with her studies, despite the difficulty in learning english her second languages, she struggled to self teach herself such calcium and keep forwards. An obstacle she endured half the time was the poor transition between languages throughout the school day.The failure supporting Bilingual students creates this challenge for them to have a certain motivation in mastering the language at time because it’s time consuming when students maust balance two languages at once. Not only does this system prove no support , but creates this enirvoremtn in which students are left to either fail or not fail. Growing up with such a system creates this difficulty for me to understand literacy more in depth. Making puti literacy to the side blinding me from its true importance.

How my community view literacy

In my community surrounded by Immigrants that sacrificed everything , we were taught the ideology in which education provides greater opportunities for the economy. In their experience, as foreigners, without literacy skill they were in survival mode. Constantly needing more on hand jobs because office jobs won’t accept them without the basic skills of literacy. Us, the children of immigrants, have been taught that the literacy of english is the most essential academic course in which we need to progress in our carere life. In such an environment we are all persuaded to find a certain passion towards literacy or at least an understanding of its basic skills. However because we are born and raised in the english education system they assumed that literacy in english is easily mastered. With such a high standard of their children’s progression of literacy in english they are more close- minded in the subject. Their ideology also constis that if you can’t keep up with literacy in english you either drop out and work in labor or continue despite the obstacles thrown at you . .In the article “ Immigrants find learning english tough but necessary job” , Jamie Amline and Jodie Needle interview immigrants which describe the challenge they go through in learning english alone to maintain their jobs.
One of the interviews, Sebastian Arcos. States”I was terrified to pick up the phone, but that was my job,” he recalls of his first years, when he worked in an office answering calls and was expected to speak English. “You either sink or swim. I learned how to swim.” (Paragraph two)

Overall the majority of immigrants interviewed by Jamie andJodie needle had confessed the obstacle they face when it comes to maintaining a stable job or life through the practice of English .Describe such the difficulty of balancing a new language and mastering with doing well in their job. For example ustix lines this foregin language during their job. These real life struggles that immigrants face daily have been very promptement to me as a youngin. These similar experiences that many of my loved ones had endured, which have been passed down to me as moral in which made me view literacy as an essential skill to further my knowledge and career so as to provide better opportunities to myself and not struggle.

How my definition of literacy been shaped

As a bilingual member in both an education system that provides no support and immigrant community literacy created this fera and pressure into literacy. I have vired Literacy in the world as an important factor that everyone needs to survive such a system that we have in the world. If it was for the fact that my community had pushed me into futhing my knowledge in literacy i would probably be attending college. I vire literally with such high value cause it brings opportunities and connects about the real world. Although I am grateful that the way I view literacy has been kind of hectic throughout my years brought me from the unimportance in which school place itto be to the connection of the real world application. I wish that the school system would create a support system for bilingual students so we can be taught the importance early and have more time in mastering it more in depth.

Checker and Fisherman

My presses in defining literacy seem to prove Checkers and fishermans concept of American Life. Of how Anthropologists take a problema and devices the effect it has towards its citizens in defining literacy. My progress in literacy proves their concept staging the problem of how school systems and pressure of community can impact the literacy of a student. School systems are equipped to handle bilingual students in their progress in literacy. Such Lack of support affect the outcome of a student’s knowledge in their literacy. And with such implications they don’t realize how challenging they are.


As a bilingual student and member of an immigrant community literacy will forever be an essential skill and learning experience of difficult of mastering this. With firshand undergoing to a school system that lacks support and knowledge of implication of literacy in the world , as well as a community that views literacy as an emotional goal, ,I view literacy as a privilege that provides one with the optitude knowledge one needs to succeed in life. With attending a school that isn’t equipped for bilingual students and being raised in a immigrant community with these myths of mastering literacy have been an obstacle of mine in progressing in literacy. By not being taught the impacts that literacy creates in the world in education and knowing the consequences of not perfecting literacy have really carried me down in literacy. The community affects immigrant children because it pressures them to do good in literacy and it affects them alot in different ways . That’s why it is very important to support these students. They struggle and the educational system has failed a lot and educating literacy.